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Motorcycle Insurance


We offer all the features you need.................

Has there ever been a beautiful day in December and you'd love to have taken a ride on your motorcycle but realized you were in the middle of your "lay-up period" and had no liability?  We can fix that with "sunny day coverage".

Be insured to ride EVERY DAY AND ANY DAY but with a rate based on your area and the normal weather pattern in that area.

For additional information about the coverage we provide, please contact us.

Things to consider and questions to ask your agent
Here are few things to discuss with your agent that will influence your decisions.


  • Does the insurance company have a good reputation for customer service? Is it known for paying claims fairly and promptly?

  • What discounts are available? (Ask about multiple policy, security system and fire resistance discounts.)

  • What's the process for filing and settling a claim? (Ask who to call and what happens after you file a claim.)


Safety first:

1) Wear protective gear - all the gear, all the time - including a helmet manufactured to the standards set by the DOT

2) Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs

3) Ride within your own skill limits

4) Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher rider courses

For complete motorcycle riding tips, visit for more information.

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